Opinion: Three years Cotonou training of Medical Laboratory Scientists can be detrimental to health

The evolution of medical laboratory science is the best thing that has happened to medical profession and the entire mankind in general.
Medical Laboratory Science is a noble profession, which is the fulcrum of modern science that brings light to the world and mankind by effective clinical complex analysis within a specific field (Chemical biochemistry, haematology, Microbiology, chemical pathology, histopathology and immunology).
Medical laboratory science professionals also known as clinical laboratory scientists are highly skilled scientists, who are licensed and authorised by it’s regulatory body to perform diagnostic analyses and tests on body fluids, tissues and cells in other to uncover and provide information that will aid in patient diagnosis, treatment, disease monitoring and prevention.
Research has shown that spending quality time in a particular vocation enhances performance. Therefore, in other to produce a sound Medical Laboratory Scientist, he/she needs quality time to be a master in Chemical biochemistry, haematology, Microbiology, chemical pathology, histopathology, immunology etc.
According to Noe & Colquitt, effective training programs include multiple opportunities for trainees to practice the skills they’ve learned during class-time.  By building application exercises into the training workshops themselves, you provide trainees with a safe place to try new skills, where they can make mistakes and not worry about consequences.
Finally, I humbly urge AMLSN/MLSCN to fight and discontinue any training that will turn Medical Laboratory Science profession into mediocrity.
Sct. Chris Chukwu (Healthy Sense) works with the Stafford Dialysis Renal Int’l Ltd., FCT Abuja.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the article does not in any way reflect that of the website, they are mainly the opinion of the author.
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