The Role Of Medical Lab. Scientists In New Drugs Production Process Advocated


    Medical Laboratory Professionals have being advised to take their pride of place as it regards Clinical Trials- a branch of medicine that deals with Discovery, Production, Testing and Sales of drugs and medical devices.

    A medical Laboratory Professional and a clinical trial expert gave the charge in an online seminar with Medical Laboratory Practitioners from four different countries- Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Bangladesh and the United Kingdom held recently.

     The clinical trial expert, Mr. Ogundokun Olufikayo noted that because of the fact that there are noticeable few Medical Laboratory Scientists in this field of medicine, other professions who have little or nothing to do with medical testing have hijacked the roles of the Medical Lab. Professional.

    These professions he noted are biochemistry, microbiology and anatomy.

    He urged every Medical Laboratory practitioner to start developing interest in this field of medicine which the Medical Lab. Practitioner have a critical role to play.

    His words:

    Pharmaco-dynamics means what the drugs are doing to the body while Pharmaco-Kinetics means what the body does to the drug . Both made Medical Laboratory Scientist to be so relevant in clinical Trial.

    Medical Laboratory Professionals carry out body fluid analysis to really determine what dosage of drugs to prescribe and how safe a drug is.

    Medical Laboratory Professionals also run Chemical analytes , Microbiology analysis on patients enrolled into a Clinical Trial as well as run postmortem investigation on patients who died during the course of the trial.

     During the course of developing a drug professionals are always called upon to play their role but Medical Laboratory Scientists role attimes are always being hijack by either biochemist , microbiologist , anatomist.

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