VIDEO: MLSCN nabs Science Lab. Technologist operating a medical laboratory


The inspection team of the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) has apprehended a Science Laboratory Technology practitioner who is operating a full medical laboratory facility under the guise of a science laboratory.

The Science Laboratory Technologist who alleged that the said laboratory is a science laboratory and can not be inspected by the  medical Laboratory Science Council but by the Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology was nabbed after the inspection team discovered that the facility is involved in testing of human samples which only a medical laboratory Scientist is trained and licensed by law to be involved in.

See video:

It was reported that Science Laboratory Technologists who are trained in polytechnics and universities to carryout food, water and drug analysis have overtime veered off from what they are primarily licensed and trained to practice quackery. This is so because some medical laboratory facilities usually accepts Science Laboratory Technology students for industrial attachment which was why in 2014 the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria issued a circular to stop the ugly trend encouraging quackery. See circular.

It is noted the graduates of Science Laboratory Technology can work in environmental health institution where they may involve in food analysis to protect public health or water industry where they can be involved in water analysis. They can work in secondary schools and tertiary institutions as science teachers or help in biology or chemistry laboratories as technologists. They can also establish research laboratories for food and water analysis for public health protection but they should desist from Medical Laboratory testing.

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