Scientists who have indicated interest to vie for offices in Salt City 2020


    This year is an election year for Medical Laboratory Scientists and as we countdown to the 56th National Conference that will be holding in September at Ebonyi State, the race to salt City 2020 is also gathering momentum.

    In less than no time, Medical Laboratory Scientists from different walks of life have thrown their hat in the ring to vie for different positions come Ebonyi 2020 with their expressions of interest.

    In this post, we beam into some of these Scientists who have indicated interest to run for different positions in the National leadership of AMLSN in the forthcoming electioneering process.

    1. Emilia Eliezer

    She has being a very active member of the Association. Currently she is the chairman of the Association of Medical Laboratory scientist of Nigeria (AMLSN), Akwa Ibom State.
    She has declared interested to run for the seat of the National welfare office come salt City 2020.

    2. Abdulsalam Yakubu

    Yakubu has served as the Chairman of Gombe state Branch of AMLSN and also National Financial Secretary AMLSN. He is throwing his hat in the ring for the position of the National Secretary come Ebonyi 2020.

    3. Eni-yimini Solomon Agoro

    Dr. Agoro is the current serving chairman of AMLSN Bayelsa State Branch and has a very high profile as far as AMLSN Bayelsa State is concern. He has declared interest for the office of the National Financial Secretary come Ebonyi 2020.

    4. Prince Adeyinka Adedire

    Has been the chairman of AMLSN Ondo State Branch and currently the National Assistant Secretary. He also has an interest to return for a yet to be disclosed position.

    5. Sarki Adamu Musa

    Sarki Adamu is a elder stateman who has held severally positions in AMLSN, JOHESU etc. He has an interest to contest for the position of the 2nd Vice Chairman.

    These are just a selected few out of the many expressions of interest.

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