Journal of Medical Laboratory Sciences September Edition is online (Read)


    The Nigeria Journal of Medical Laboratory Sciences September Edition has been published.


    Journal of Medical Laboratory Science (JoMLS) is an international, online/print, open access, peer-reviewed journal, which is published by the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria. It is a  a quarterly publication.
    To read the current edition visit
    The editor-in-Chief of the Journal, Prof. Kingsley Anukam pleads with Medical Laboratory Scientists and Technicians alike to share the articles in the journal on social media platforms in a bid to create visibility for the journal.
    He wrote: “Hello folks, the current publication of JoMLS is now online.
    In order to increase the visibility of our Journal, you can play a role by sharing the articles in any of the social media platforms. You can write a commentary and start a new discussions on research findings in the articles. This is what is obtainable in the Western World.”
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