YMLSF Bayelsa gets new leadership

Members of the Young Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum (YMLSF) Bayelsa State Branch have eventually elected a new crop of leaders to pilot it’s affairs after failed attempts.


The election earlier scheduled for 5th March 2021 was suspended due to a petition by one of the aspirants who called for the dissolution of the Electoral Committee stressing that the Electoral Umpire didn’t take the provisions of the YMLSF Bye-laws into consideration in their screening of aspirants.


YMLSF National in a bid to restore peace and resolve the impasse waded in by sending two delegates in person of MLS. Henry Oshowo and MLS. Iyare G. Innocent to see towards the conduct of the election.


The election conducted under the watchful eyes of the Vice Chairman of AMLSN Bayelsa State , MLS. Hannah Seleipre and MLS. Loveday Zebedee had only the Chairman position keenly contested, while other positions were returned unopposed.



At the end of the election, the following were returned elected.


MLS Godwin SilverChairman
MLS Dodoru Tuemi RobinsonVice Chairman
MLS. Tabowei WilliamsSecretary
MLS Jacob Abigail ErefaghaAsst. Secretary
MLS Lambert PreciousTreasurer
MLS Adolphus EmmanuelFin. Secretary
MLS. Nani StephenPublicity Secretary
MLS Ikaprite IgbaliboProgram Director
MLS Becky DenyifaWelfare Officer


Congratulations to them all and we wish them a successful tenure.


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