Why Medical Lab. Professionals Should Develop Interest in Clinical Trials? by Ogundokun Olufikayo


By Ogundokun Olufikayo

Clinical Trials is another branch of medicine  that deals with Discovery,  Production, Testing and Sales of drugs and medical devices.

It’s another branch of Medicine that we, Medical Laboratory Professionals have not explored. It’s so unfortunate that we are so myopic and just staying on the bench for generations.

You won’t believe that there are some drugs research going on now in Nigeria but because, people don’t know, we weren’t informed.

Some companies  are making cool money in this so called recession time and we need to wake up. Some drugs are being tested at present and we, Medical Lab. Scientists were not called into it.

However, Medical Lab. Scientists are supposed to be the ones to monitor the Pharmaco-vigilance aspect by running some samples from the patients but where are we????

I have  a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Trials and I am presently doing my Ph.D in that field. By God’grace,  Clinical Trial has made me work with Oxford University and I am presently a Consultant Clinical Trials monitor  for a US company on some drugs.

I work for a US company from home on Clinical Trials and they pay per month what some people get as their annual fee. They pay my trip to countries without stress. My Profile is verifiable for everyone to see (see it HERE)

I wish to open Medical Laboratory professionals eyes into this field because anytime I have a gathering on this,  90% of people we gather together are mainly Physicians and nurses. Where are my people??? That’s the question I always ask myself.

 I’m having an online training for Medical Laboratory Professionals who want to get involved in Clinical Trials and take full advantage of it as well as make a living out of it working for companies.

I will also be sharing some materials like links, scholarships, certifications and even link for job after the trainings thats why I need serious minded people that need advancement in their career.

This seminar is open to as many that are interested irrespective of country of origin.

Click >>HERE<< to be part of this FREE training.

Thank you!

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