Update on AMLSN 2021 Public Health Lecture Series Registration 


The organizers of the 2021 Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) Annual Public Health Lecture (APHL) have given an update on how members can register for the epoch-making event.


According to the update, members who intends to participate in the event are required to pay their annual dues and registration fee for the event first.


This is important because members will only be able to register successfully for the event after the above conditions are met and no debt is recorded on the members dashboard.


Members are encouraged to make use of the improved payment options to payment for the event or use the offline payment option to submit their payment teller if they have already paid to the bank.


AMLSN membership portal has been optimized with Paystack payment option along with the existing Interswitch system to the payment portal so that members can choose whichever platform is convenient and available to them in their location.


Members who might have challenges using any of the available resources of this portal using their mobile devices are encouraged to try a computer system to access the functions as this has a wider compatibility for the moment.


Members who experience difficulty with the registration process should do well to leave a comment as we shall escalate it the appropriate authorities.

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