How To Download MLSCN 50th Anniversary Certificate of Participation


If you are a Medical Laboratory professional and you participated in the Medical Laboratory Science Council 50th Anniversary Celebration, then this should serve as a good news to you.


To generate and download the certificate:

1. Visit or click here.

2. Provide your MLS practitioner registration number (RA/RF) following the format RA12345 or RF12345 at the Registration Number field and click ‘get certificate‘. Automatically your certificate will be generated and downloaded.

Whereas your entered registration number matches a record in attendance database, your electronic certificate of participation will be download unto your computer system or phone.

Note: Only persons who attended the anniversary celebration can get the certificate and the certificate carries CPD credit Units for annual licence renewal.

If you need any assistance, do well to leave a comment and we will be glad to assist you ASAP.

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