How to Renew MLSCN 2024 Practicing Licence


The Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) may begin imposing late payment penalties on license renewals for Medical Laboratory Scientists who are yet to renew their License for 2024 from 1st April 2024, unless otherwise stated.


Be it as it may, there are some practitioners who are unsure how to proceed with their licensing in terms of renewal methods, which is why this post becomes so important.


The Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria in  her circular (see here) revealed how to renew 2024 Licences.


Read the circular in parts:

“All medical laboratory scientists on the MLSCN portal, who have obtained the 2022 and 2023 licenses, are advised to pay their.annual practicing fees on the portal.

However, those who have backlog of payments from 2021 downwards can still pay through Remita.”


Now here maybe the implications of the two clauses above


Council implies that all Medical Laboratory Scientists who have been registered on the MLSCN Hub must now pay for the licenses on the portal.

On the other hand , Council is saying practitioners who are yet to be integrated on the MLSCN Hub due to the fact that they have outstanding payments to be made should make payments directly via


So if you fall into either of the situations, you should definitely know what to do. Don’t make your annual license payment directly from the Remita  portal if you are already registered on the MLSCN Hub.


To summarize, Medical Laboratory Scientists who have been onboarded on the MLSCN Portal should pay their annual practicing fees through the portal, while those who haven’t been onboarded yet or have backlogs of payments should pay through Remita. It’s essential to follow the correct method to avoid any issues with license renewal.


Thank you , if you have any question feel free to leave them in the comment section.


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