Medical Laboratory Scientists protest against intimidation and Victimization by RSUTH Management


Members of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) Rivers State Branch have staged a peacefully protest against what they term ‘intimidation, aggression and victimization of its members by the management of the  Rivers State University Teaching Hospital (RSUTH).’

 The Medical Laboratory Scientists clad in Laboratory Coats marched to the Rivers State House of Assembly Complex and demanded audience from the law makers who were in session.
The Speaker of the House of Assembly who came out with other members of the House to listen to the concerns of the protesting members promised to address them as well as give them the needed attention.
Information reaching us has it that:
following a move by Clinicians to take headship and control of the Laboratory at RSUTH, the Leadership and Elders of AMLSN Rivers met with the Speaker of the House and thereafter submitted a Petition to the house against the unlawful move. 
Also in another move to stop this encroachment, AMLSN went to court to seek an order of injunction to maintain status quo but rather than obeying documents and laws establishing professional institutions; the Management of RSUTH resorted to brute force and further oppression by transferring the Chairman and the Vice Chairman of AMLSN RSUTH Chapter who are at the front line of this struggle to rural villages outside Port Harcourt where nothing is happening so as to render them redundant.
It is in the face of this ugly and unlawful incidences that members of AMLSN Rivers State Branch went on the peaceful protest.

 The statement reads in part.


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