2022 MLSCN Licence: Penalty Enforcement begins Tomorrow


2022 MLSCN Licence: Penalty Enforcement begins Tomorrow


Barring any last minute changes, the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) may begin enforcement on late payment on 2022 Licence tomorrow being the 1st of May.


You may recall that the Governing Board of the MLSCN had graciously suspended the enforcement of the 200 percent on 2022  licence renewal and extended the same to the 30th of April as against the 31st of March to give Medical Laboratory Scientists more time to make up and pay for their licence renewal.

Source: web.mlscn.gov.ng


Meanwhile, to be on the safe side, we urge Medical Laboratory Scientists to hurry up and make payments for their 2022 Licence renewal before today runs out. Click here to see how much you are to pay based on your number of years of post qualification and presence of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credit Units or not


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