Attendees of #SaltCity2020 will have to travel with their COVID-19 test result


Except otherwise, attendees of the 56th Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) Annual Scientific Conference and Workshop will need to attend the conference with there negative Covid-19 test results.

According to a document entitled ‘the status of implementation of the resolutions of past Presidents and select elders intervention meeting’  and made available to,  the Commissioner of Health Ebonyi state was quoted saying “In view of the large delegates drawn from all over the country, we insist on having a result of COVID-19 negative test to safeguard your health and our citizens”. 
Only 100 persons would physically attend this year’s conference and Annual General Meeting. 
They are as follows: All State Branch Chairmen, & Secretaries (74), All Past Presidents     (06), All Members of BoT (07), National Executive Officers  (10), The Chairman, Board of Fellows, MLSCN Board Chairman and MLSCN Registrar/CEO 
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