Late Pa Tabansi advice to the younger generation of Medical Laboratory Scientists

In a build up to the Golden anniversary of the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria, the news bulletin ‘the Medical Laboratory Scientist’ crew sat with late Pa Dustan Tabansi and below was what he advised the younger generation of Medical Laboratory Scientists.

Late Pa Dustan Tabansi

His words: 
For the younger generation, who represent the future of the profession, I know that they are diversifying into different medical areas, but let us continue to see ourselves as Medical Laboratory Scientists. 
Let us always know that where we are now is not our limit, and that we are on a crescendo. 
Also, as we grow, we have to see ourselves as the mirror in which the world sees this profession so we must grow morally, ethically, and otherwise. 
Let us put the reputation of this profession first and money will come at last because we are a noble profession.
Culled from the Medical Laboratory Scientist news Bulletin
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