Exclusive Interview with Fashina, Winner of ISN Medical Lab. Scientist of the Year Award 2020


We had an exclusive media chat with the Winner of the ISN Medical Laboratory Scientist of the year Award 2020, Abiola Fasina who is a senior Medical Laboratory Scientist with the University of Lagos Medical Center. Below is how the interview went.

Abiola Fashina

Nigerianmedlabscientist.com.ng: Congratulations once again
Thank you

Nigerianmedlabscientist.com.ng: What’s the feeling like emerging as the Winner of this prestigious and highly competitive award?
I feel Awesome! Inspired. Inspired to do more in the implementation of ISO 15189 in the Laboratory which will ultimately deliver quality results for efficient patient care!
Nigerianmedlabscientist.com.ng: Okay, what do you think could have given you the edge over the other finalists?
 My commitment to implementation of the ISO 15189 in a resource limited settings. Then PROVIDENCE.
Nigerianmedlabscientist.com.ng: What are your thoughts on the implementation of QMS in Nigeria Private and public Medical laboratories?
 Comparatively, QMS implementation in Nigeria is below average. For example in South Africa, we have many accredited Laboratories but in Nigeria, we have only about 3 Laboratories that are ISO 15189 certified-2 Privates and 1 Public. It is not good for quality healthcare delivery. We need to do more.

Nigerianmedlabscientist.com.ng:  What’s your advice to laboratories in this regard?
 I want to encourage Medical Laboratories-Management and Staff to support, commit to and implement ISO 15189. Let us start first with the basic ones that resides within our control such as Documentation, Facilities safety etc. Let us adopt the MLSCN template and SLIPTA guide which seeks to mentor Labs in a step-by-step route to achieving QMS.
 Nigerianmedlabscientist.com.ng: Good one! Do you think MLSCN is doing enough in ensuring that laboratories maintain standards in practice and what are the challenges hindering LQMS implementation in our laboratories?
MLSCN is trying its best. But there is still room for improvement. They should be encourage by members cooperation and support. I believe we have a listening registrar who has  the love of the profession at heart.
Nigerianmedlabscientist.com.ng:  What will you say about the selection process by ISN Medicals for the award?
 It was really tough and thorough. The online application evaluated experience in the theories and practice of MLS. The following interviews-online and physical- was truly professional.
Nigerianmedlabscientist.com.ng: What’s your advice to Medical Laboratory Scientist who will want to win 2021 edition of the awards?
 My advice: Please go get the MLSCN and SLIPTA Laboratory QMS document and begin to implement its simple requirements a step at a time. The journey of  a thousand miles begins with a step.
Nigerianmedlabscientist.com.ng: Do you have any project you intend embarking on with the 1 million cash prize you won?
 (Laughs). I will like to keep that card close to my chest right now, but I assure you that with regards to inspiring and implementing ISO 15189 in Nigeria, my best is yet to come!
While major project is in the pipeline, I will be working on Strengthening Medical Laboratories in Achieving  ISO 15189. We have began.
Nigerianmedlabscientist.com.ng: Lastly, your message to the organizers of the Awards, facility and colleagues?
Firstly, I want to express my profound gratitude to Directors and staff of the ISN Medicals for recognizing the crucial role of Medical Lab Scientist and The University of Lagos Management and staff for their support of Medical Laboratory Quality Management System ( ISO 15189). To my colleagues, I want to say, in implementation of ISO 15189, if you can’t fly, run. If you can’t fly, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. By all means, just make sure you are moving forward!
Nigerianmedlabscientist.com.ng: Thank you for the time.
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