ZHDI Recognizes Excellence at NDU’s Induction Ceremony


Zeeb Healthcare Development Initiative (ZHDI) has taken a laudable step in promoting excellence in medical education by honouring outstanding graduating students at the Niger Delta University’s (NDU) Medical Laboratory Science Department induction ceremony.


Among the distinguished awardees was Obutie, Omamuzo Lucky, recognized with the Award of Excellence for emerging as the Best Graduating Student in Medical Laboratory Science Department for the 2022/2023 set. Another remarkable recipient was Matthew Lincoln Ebimobowei, who received a humanitarian award as the best student volunteer in Community Health Outreaches.


The awards were presented during the Department’s induction ceremony for graduates, facilitated by the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria.

Zebedee Loveday Udu, the Executive Director of ZHDI, reiterated the organization’s commitment to promoting excellence among students, aligning with their core values and specific objectives.


Udu emphasized the organization’s dedication to bringing healthcare closer to those in need, underlining the significance of supporting and recognizing achievements in medical education.


These accolades have garnered acclaim from both the university’s management and the Medical Laboratory Council of Nigeria, demonstrating widespread appreciation for the acknowledgment of hard work and commitment to excellence in the field of Medical Laboratory Science.



ZHDI Vision and Mission:

Vision: To serve and empower the people by providing necessary healthcare resources to improve lives and increase overall access to healthcare.


Mission: Service to humanity through healthcare, support, and outreaches in rural and urban communities to sensitize, educate, and provide free medical care for the vulnerable, less privileged, and the physically challenged to improve their standard of living and access to healthcare.


Core Values:

ZHDI is committed to service to humanity and the empowerment of the people, reflecting integral values that define its success and progress.



– Care and support for individuals living with health challenges, including HIV/AIDS, Cancer, HBV, HCV, TB, etc.

– Provide empowerment, medical outreach, and sensitization to the less privileged in urban and rural communities.

– Advocate for the well-being of the indigent, children, and the elderly to gain access to healthcare.

– Collaborate with national and international agencies for healthcare development activities and interventions.

– Provide financial support or assistance to those with minor or major health challenges.

– Undertake Healthcare Intervention, Implementation, and Logistics to improve healthcare accessibility and delivery.


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