Open Letter to the National President, Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria


Open Letter to the National President, Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria

Dear Dr Ifeanyi Casmir,


Firstly, allow me to extend my warmest congratulations on your recent victory at the polls and assuming the prestigious position of the National President of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN). Your election is a testament to your exceptional leadership qualities and the trust that the members of AMLSN have placed in you.


As you embark on this new journey, I urge you to prioritize an immediate advocacy to the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria in order to reconcile and resolve any existing wrangles with AMLSN. By fostering a harmonious relationship between the council and the association, we can collectively work towards the advancement and recognition of medical laboratory science in Nigeria.


Furthermore, I implore you to ensure the implementation of the Doctor of Medical Laboratory Science (MLSD) degree. MLSD has widely been recommended for adoption and implementation for the training of Medical Laboratory Scientists in Nigerian universities. Its implementation needs additional push, and I believe with your expertise in advocacy and vibrancy this could be achieved. MLSD will surely serve as a vital framework for the growth of our profession, and it is essential that it is fully enforced for the benefit of all medical laboratory scientists and the Nigerian healthcare system at large.


I would also urge you to strongly advocate for the creation of directorates in all state’s ministries of health, hospital management boards, and primary healthcare development agencies, in line with the provisions of Act 11 of 2003. These directorates would provide a dedicated platform for the representation and involvement of medical laboratory scientists in decision-making processes, ultimately leading to the improved quality of healthcare services.


It is also crucial that we address the plight of young unemployed medical laboratory scientists who are struggling to find suitable employment opportunities. I urge you to initiate programmes and initiatives that promote job creation and provide support to these individuals, helping them contribute their skills and knowledge to the betterment of our profession and society at large.


In order to enhance the annual scientific conferences organised by AMLSN, I encourage you to restructure their format. By ensuring that competent and reliable hands are brought into the organising committees, we can guarantee that these conferences are in tune with international best practices and serve as effective platforms for knowledge sharing and networking among medical laboratory scientists.

While fostering unity within our association, it is essential to step heavily on the diabolical intentions of some colleagues who may seek to instil religious intolerance within our ranks. It is incumbent upon us to promote mutual respect, inclusivity, and professionalism among our members, ensuring that religious beliefs do not infringe upon our collective goals and aspirations.

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Finally, I advise you to be independent in your decision making, but not dogmatic and dictatorial. It is important to uphold the wishes of the members who voted you into office and to remain steadfast in your commitment to their interests. You should give people appointed into committees a free hand in their assigned tasks, do not take everything in your head and be a master of all. At the same time, I urge you to work closely with the national executive officers, carrying them along in all activities and decisions, so that we can foster a cohesive and effective leadership.

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Once again, congratulations on your victory, and I have full confidence in your ability to lead AMLSN towards greater heights. May your tenure be marked by progress, unity, and the advancement of medical laboratory science in Nigeria.


Yours sincerely,


Tanimu Umar

Director, Planning, Research & Statistics, Gombe State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency.


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