A Letter To My Senior Scientists By Famakinwa O. Oluwaseun


It is with pain and grief in my heart that I write this letter and it is for you sir, and for you ma.

You made me go through different laboratory posting.  As a student I learnt it well; some were fun, others were not. I developed strength in some discipline. My weakness grew more in other discipline, but still yet you encouraged me.

Professional exam was not a joke. I had to read and read that burning candles became my habit because PHCN decided to teach me life lessons in a hard way.

All thanks to you sir for the practicals and tutorials I had to learn again and again in our teaching hospital. You made me a great scientist, you taught me to hate guess work,you taught me to always have the thought of my patient at heart. I was happy I was getting fulfilled.

I graduated with a provisional license to start the hustle of internship placement. My dear country Nigeria started playing her political game on me. Interviews kept rolling upon interviews.  It became a profitable business for all hospitals where over 200 forms will be sold for a 3-man slot who did not even bother to buy the form, neither were they present for the interview.

I have learnt all of this life lessons.
I got my own internship slot and started life as an intern. Life became sweet meeting you again as a senior scientist knowing I would learn more.

You were teachable, my weaknesses became my strenght. Some students came in and you started teaching them everything from scatch to finish. Only for me to discover they were Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) students who could grab easily.

They learnt crossmatching, bleeding donors, blood grouping, genotype. You were happy you had hands helping you do your work but within me I see you and had to feel great pity for this profession.

You have contributed your own quota by making me look like…what can I do? I am crossmatching, SLT I.T student is crossmatching. I am running genotype..she can do it.

Please don’t render me useless. Don’t spoil my profession.

Famakinwa Oluwadamilola Oluwaseun studied Medical Laboratory Science at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso.

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