Four Big Medical Laboratories in Nigeria and their Human Resource E-mail Addresses

One thing we need to know is that most of these big establishments don’t place adverts seeking for Scientists because most times they have Medical Laboratory Scientists in their waiting list. They can easily call up the said applicant who is on their waiting list and fix up an interview date with such an applicant whenever the need for one arises.

Hence, we painstakingly got these HRs e-mail addresses so that you can be on their waiting list if they don’t need any scientist or technician at the moment. Endeavor to save these e-mail addresses and send your CV, credentials and cover letter in due course.

Below are four (4) big medical laboratories and their human resource managers e-mail addresses.

1. Clina Lancet

2. Pathcare Nigeria

3. El-lab Laboratories

4.Me Cure Healthcare Limited (MHL)

You can as well add to the list in the comments section below.
Thank you!
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