The Selling Point of the Medical Lab. Scientist


Many of us sometimes apply for a job without knowing what to sell to our prospective employers when called for an interview. Your selling point is what makes you stand out the crowd. Your selling point is the reason why you should not settle for anything less.

These are what sells you:

1. Professional licence:

Most employers prefer scientists and technicians with up-to-date license knowing fully well that with the license their lab is covered and they won’t be found wanting when the professional council comes calling. When employer asks why he/she should pay you handsomely for a start, you should be able to explain the importance of your license to him/her.

2. Computer literacy:

Most establishments will want the scientist or Tech to be responsible for typing and printing out the results. You should be able to sell yourself to your employer explaining to him/her that you being a computer literate means no need for the services of a clerical officer hence it is an added advantage and as such you deserve to be paid hugely.

3. How many instruments and analyzers can you operate and use conveniently with little assistance?

Some of us are found wanting in this respect. I recalled how an employer called me some days ago to request for me to send him scientists to work in his establishment, the first thing he noted was that their lab is automated.That they have Roche Cobas analyzer for Chemistry and Mindray analyzer for haematology. That I should ensure that the scientists I refer to them should be conversant with the two. Now if you are conversant with using and operating any analyzer very well that stands you out and gives the employer the run for his/her money if you are engaged. Moreso, you should be able to stake your claim using this as a yardstick.  Add your own…

Enjoy your day
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