5 Great Wishes For The Medical Laboratory Science Profession In 2018


We at www.wealthylabmanagers.com heartily and sincerely felicitate with all medical laboratory professionals around the globe, particularly those in Nigeria, in this new year.

Below are our 5 wishes for the Medical Laboratory Profession in Nigeria in the year that is still fresh.

1. It is our earnest prayer that the President of Nigeria gives speedy signing into law of the National Postgraduate College of Medical Laboratory Science (NPCMLS) bill  before him. Already the Nigerian senate has given its speedy passage but left with the presidency to give its assent, for the programme to start-off.

2. We  pray for victory for the Medical Laboratory Profession in all their pending legal battles- be it at the state or National level. This will go a long way to putting an end to the leadership tussle in Medical Laboratories in Federal government health facilities.

3. We pray for implementation of the Entry Point for Medical Laboratory Scientists across all health facilities in Nigeria, as well as implementation of the court cases in favour of Medical Laboratory scientists, in all health facilities in 2018.

4. We wish that more and more young qualified Medical Laboratory Scientists, Technicians and Assistants are gainfully employed in 2018.

5. Lastly, we pray that 2018 turned out to be the year for the establishment of the department of Medical Laboratory Science in all state Hospital Management Boards/Ministry of health, especially the Federal ministry of health so that the Medical Laboratory Profession can have the right command structure to ensure that the right professionals are employed as well as the profession has a voice at that level.

Thank you for reading, endeavor to add what you wish the profession in the comments box 

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