How To Fill The MLSCN HRH Survey Form And Its Significance


We observed that a handful of Medical Laboratory Scientists, Technicians, and Assistants alike don’t have a full grasp of the significance of the ongoing Medical Laboratory Science Council Of Nigeria Human Resource Survey Form filling as well as others are having difficulties with filling the MLSCN HRH Survey Form, hence this post.

Significance Of The MLSCN  HRH Survey Form 

1. With the HRH Survey which other professions are also doing theirs, MLSCN will be able to furnish the Federal government with the general population of MLS practitioners in Public and  Private sectors.

2. From the HRH, Federal government will know the number of unemployed MLS practitioners and how they can be keyed into the nation’s health workforce, among other benefits.


 Before filling the HRH Form, endeavor to get the following details handy:

  1. Date of Birth, LGA of Birth
  2. Your senatorial district
  3. Tax Identification number, National Identity Number,  Voters ID, though not compulsory
  4. RA/RF/MLA/MLT number 
  5. Driver’s licence, international passport or national ID card etc
  6. Next of kin name and number
  7. Index number, intake year and graduation year.
  8.  Specialty, subspecialty, license number

Click here to start filling the form.

Leave a comment or chat us up on whatsApp if you have any challenge.

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