AMLSN Capital City 2019: Two important Items to take along to the conference


    This post is based on popular demand! The other day a scientist called us to appreciate the good job we are doing by keeping scientists abreast with happenings in the profession and did request to know the requirements he should take along while attending the 55th Annual Scientific conference holding in Abuja tagged “capital city 2019”.

     We did promise to get him a feedback and hence this post. The views expressed in this post are strictly ours. Here are two items we think anyone attending the conference should take along with him or her.

     1. Confirmatory Mail Printout: Upon the successful registration for the conference on the conference website, a confirmatory mail was sent to the e-mail address he or she used for registration.

     The confirmatory mail serves as an evidence of registration, so we advise you to print out the confirmatory mail and take it along with you to the conference.

    Confirmatory mail

     2. ID card: This is an important item that one has to take along to the conference even without being told. Your ID card is your means of identification. During the registration process online a means of identification was demanded. We strongly advise that you travel down with your means of identification especially the one you used in the online registration process.

    This will assist in easy identification and collection of conference materials since there will be no collection of materials by proxy. Also it could be used to match up with what you have in your registration confirmatory mail so as to do away with any form of impersonation.

      We will like to hear from you. What other items do you feel scientists attending the Annual Scientific conference should carry along with them?

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