MLSCN Releases February 2020 Foreign Graduates Qualifying Exam Results (See it)

MLSCN Foreign Graduate qualifying exams 2020

T he Governing Board of the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) has released the qualifying examination results for Foreign trained Medical Laboratory Science Graduates held in February 2020.

About 268 of them made the pass list. Click here to view the list.

In order to practice in Nigeria, Medical Laboratory Scientists trained outside the shores of Nigeria are required to go through a training period in some Council designated institutions, after which they take an examination that will qualify them to practice.

MLSCN says the training and qualifying exams for foreign trained graduates of  Medical Laboratory Science wishing to practice in Nigeria is necessary to get them “acquainted with the peculiarities in Nigeria. Because some of them might have been trained in countries that have no malaria or other parasites that are in Nigeria.”

In 2018, MLSCN announced that the training period for foreign trained graduates will be extended from Seven (7) months to twenty (12) months to enable them have longer time to be trained to practice effectively in the country.

Congratulations to all who passed the qualifying exams.

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