Aims and Objectives of Society of Chemical Pathology Scientists in Nigeria


Earlier we reported on the issuance of certificate of incorporation by the Corporate Affairs Commission to a new group for Medical Laboratory Scientists who specialized and majored in Chemical Pathology or Clinical Chemistry as the case be maybe.

The group is called Society of Chemical Pathology Scientists in Nigeria (SCPSN).

Today we are glad to bring to you the aims and objectives ofSCPSN. Read below

  1. To promote welfare of members
  2. To improve Chemical Pathology practice and contribute to Medical Laboratory Science through regular meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, discussions, reports and publications.
  3. To contribute meaningful to the advancement of the healthcare and health research and education in Nigeria.
  4. To collaborate with national and international organizations, bodies or agencies with similar aims and objectives anywhere in the world
  5. To initiate and advise government and non government organizations on health related programmes, legislations and policies.
  6. To provide an opportunities and avenue for training, mentorship and research into contemporary diagnostics in every area of Chemical Pathology (Toxicology, Endocrinology, Enzymology, Forensic science, proteomics, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Cardiology etc).
  7. Generally to do such other thing(s) as may be necessary to attain the aims and objectives of Society of Chemical Pathology Scientists in Nigeria (SCPSN).

What do you think about the new group? Leave your thoughts in the comment box.

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