Diversify into your calling and help the Medical Lab. Science Profession



A Medical Laboratory Scientist and Lecturer has harped on the need for Medical Laboratory Scientists to diversify into their different callings and in a way help the profession as the profession needs such persons now than ever.




Citing an example, the Lecturer said:

 “I have seen dull medical doctors that have never practiced for a day but went into politics and business and today they are in the war-front of their profession financially.


The Lecturer stated that the profession needs those that can help her and not some intelligent people as she already has many.


He said:

Must everything and everybody be intelligent or know how to read plates or spec?

Let us diversify into our calling and help the profession. The profession needs helpers, not intelligent people again as we already have many. Obviously, I can say this in the classroom but what am saying is let’s believe in our profession.

The medical profession does not need intelligent people rather humble people who are ready to follow and learn.

Apprenticeship is a Medical profession but in the med lab profession once you’re senior you have arrived and you know it all.

I know my colleague in UNICAL who graduated with third class and today he employee are first-class students.


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