Bio-Rad Laboratories Quality Control Masterclasses 2022 (Register here)


Bio-Rad Laboratories is excited to invite you to her online Quality Control Masterclass!

Over the course of three days, you will get the opportunity to learn about quality control in the lab, the importance of quality control with real-life examples from the experts, and tips to manage your data to help your clinical decision-making needs.

When quality control is more important than ever before, find out about what it means for the future of your lab, your resource, and the impact on molecular testing.


These Bio-Rad Laboratories webinars will also give you the perfect opportunity to ask the experts about their QC recommendations and the best way to manage quality in your lab.

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October 18: The Importance of Quality Control for the Pre-Analytical phase


  1.  Dr. Janne Cadamuro – The Importance of Quality Control for the Pre-Analytical phase
  2. Dr. Manou Martin – Lab experience with Serum Indices Internal Quality Control in a Hospital Laboratory

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October 19: The future of QC management in the laboratory


  1.  Dr. Marcus Herrmann – Integrated quality control in the diagnostic lab: the Graz system
  2. John Yundt Pacheco – Designing QC Procedures for Multiple Instruments

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October 20: QC strategy for Molecular testing 


  1. Dr. Duane Newton – Utilization of Unity data management solutions for the assessment of quality control of viral load assays based on clinical decision-making needs
  2. Mr. David Gauthier – The challenges around commutability between quantitative real-time PCR assays: the example of CMV

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