Controversy Surrounds Dr. Babajide Salako appointment as Board Chairperson


The recent appointment of Dr. Babajide Salako as the Board Chairperson of the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) has stirred mixed reactions and controversy within the Medical Laboratory Science Community and beyond.

Dr. Salako, a physician, has been thrust into the spotlight as his appointment appears to contravene the established laws governing the MLSCN.


According to the MLSCN Act of 2003, the Chairperson of the MLSCN Board is required to be a qualified Fellow of the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria, with at least five years of post-qualification experience. Furthermore, the appointment process mandates that the Chairperson be selected from a list of Fellows submitted by the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria.

However, Dr. Salako’s background as a physician does not align with these criteria, raising concerns about the legality and appropriateness of his appointment.


The announcement of Dr. Salako’s appointment has sparked a wave of criticism, particularly on social media platforms where individuals have voiced their displeasure and called for a reevaluation of the decision.


Medical Laboratory Scientists argue that appointing someone who does not meet the specified qualifications undermines the integrity and professionalism of the MLSCN.


The controversy has reignited discussions about the importance of adhering to established guidelines and regulations in the appointment of key positions within regulatory bodies. Critics argue that such appointments should prioritize meritocracy and expertise to ensure effective governance and decision-making.

Read some reactions below:

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