How to download AMLSN 59th Conference Certificate of Participation


Happy New Year!

We’re delighted to share the news that the Certificates of Participation for the AMLSN 59th Annual Scientific Conference, Workshop, and AGM held in Abuja in November 2023 are now available for download. If you were part of this enriching event, here’s a quick guide on how to obtain your certificate.

Step 1: Access AMLSN Membership Portal

Start by visiting the AMLSN Membership Portal through the following link:

Step 2: Log In

Log in to your account using your registered username and password. If you haven’t created a profile yet, follow the link provided in the announcement for a guide on setting up your AMLSN Membership portal profile.

Step 3: Navigate to Event History

Once logged in, locate the “Event History” section. This is usually available in your account dashboard or profile settings.

Step 4: Download Your Certificate

Within the Event History section, find the entry related to the 59th Scientific Conference. You should see an option to download your Certificate of Participation. Click on it, and your certificate will be downloaded to your device.

Important Note:

If you haven’t created a profile on the AMLSN Membership portal, click here for a detailed guide on the registration process.

Watch the steps on YouTube


That’s it! You now have your Certificate of Participation downloaded and ready for use. If you encounter any issues or have questions, feel free to reach out to the AMLSN support team for assistance or drop a comment in the box below.


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