How To Build A Successful Medical Laboratory Business As A Young Scientist – Part One


 It’s a great blessing to me to have this opportunity to walk you through what you need to do to start a career building a successful business rather than slaving for another lab scientist to make him or her build a profitable and sustainable business

 By way of introduction, my name is Emenne Ifeanyi and I run an online platform called What we do at Kanselor University is to help people run profitable and sustainable business.

Now, I know from my analysis that a lot of you just graduated and some are trying to get a job.

But my question to you is why are you looking for a job when you should be looking for people to employ to help you build a very successful medical laboratory business.

You read medical laboratory science not to be a slave but to liberate sick people from the organism making them sick and you also wanted to make a difference in your profession.

For you to make a difference in the practice of medical laboratory science, you must understand and master the business side of the practice. What I want to do is walk you through today is how you can establish a very successful medical science Business.

I want to use the example of a young medical laboratory scientists that I have helped build a growing business to guide you.

So, what does it take to build a successful medical laboratory business? Who can help me with an answer.

Any idea anyone?

The most important key to becoming a successful med lab scientist is to have a vision of where you want to be. If I meet you, you must be able to tell me where you see yourself in the next five years.

When you got admission into the University to study medical laboratory science, your vision was that you saw your self as a practicing medical laboratory scientist.

That Vision of having a license drove all your actions for the next five years you spent in the University. Those who did not have the vision that clearly showed them that they will become qualified MEDICAL LABORATORY scientist dropped off.

The mistake most young people make including young medical laboratory scientists is that they forget about setting another Vision of having a successful medical laboratory business after a certain number of years.

I Know from experience that most of us have never set a clear vision of where we want to be in the next three years. Your life is always driven by a vision. The danger is that when you don’t have a vision that you are pursuing for your self, you will seek for another person to help them achieve their own Vision and that is called getting back JOB.

 REMEMBER when you got admission to pursue your vision of getting a license to become a medical laboratory scientist, there were certain people in the University whose job was to help you achieve your vision and even after you achieved your vision and got the license, those where still at the level they were when you gained admission. They drove your vision for you but had no Vision of their own and after you left they moved to the next set of young jambites to help them achieve their Vision.

Just imagine that those people have a vision of become professors or write top medical laboratory books, by now, they would have moved beyond waiting for the next set of jambites

How does this relate to you and becoming a successful medical laboratory scientists?

How it relates with you is that if you do not set another Vision for your self for at least the next three years, then you will end up like those guys in the University that you left behind and anytime you go back you find them at the same level still assisting people with Vision to achieve their Vision and never having a vision of their own that will push them forward.

Another name for Vision lessness is JOB. A JOB and working for someone are not the same.

Steve balmer worked for Bill Gates but as a worker he was a billionaire from what Microsoft paid him.

One of the  biggest investment firm in the world is know bas Seqouai capital and their current Chairman joined the company as a Janitor I cleaner. I listened to his talk once and he said from day one his vision was to become the chairman of the company and all he was looking for was an entry point and when he saw the advert for a Janitor he took it because he believed that if he could get into Sequaia, that he will become the chairman

What am driving at is that the first thing you must do to become successful is to set a clear vision. After that is when you come up with a plan to get there and part of the plan might involve taking a job just like the guy who took the route of a cleaner to get to the top.

The former MD of coca cola Nigeria was an accountant and he said when he set his vision to become the MD, he channeled all his activities to be related to what can make a company successful. The accounting job was just his entry point. His destination was the MD of Coca cola Nigeria.

Pat Utomi was appointed the MD of Volkswagen but his vision was to a university teacher at 40. Once he clocked 40, he handed in his resignation letter despite all the plea to stay. Without a vision he will still be in the car industry and nobody would have heard about him.

The above is a text of a recent seminar held on how young Medical Laboratory Scientists can build a successful business in Medical Laboratory.

Part two of this article comes up next week.

PHOTO: MLS Ugwuanyi Chukwuka

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