How to Apply for Change of Name with MLSCN

You can change your name or add a name to your name if you so wish- perhaps for marriage reasons or for reasons best known to you. However, in Nigeria you must fulfil two conditions to legally change your name or add to your name as the case may be.

Firstly,  you must obtain a sworn affidavit for a change of name from any court of competent jurisdiction or a marriage certificate.

 Then secondly, you must have the new name published in any National Newspaper of your choice. (We can assist you to actually have your ‘change of name’, ‘addition of a name’, ‘confirmation of name’, etc. published in a National daily in a matter of 24 hours, get in touch with us).

How to Change name with MLSCN

For Medical Laboratory Practitioners (Medical Laboratory Scientists, Technicians and Assistants) once you have satisfied the above conditions, it is very significant to apply to Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) for change of name so that Council can take notice of your new name and have it updated on your Annual practicing license and your documents with them.
The steps below will walk you through the process involved in applying for the change of name from Council.

How to Apply For Change with MLSCN

  • Visit MLSCN Remita page or click here 
  • Generate your RRR code for the Change of Name which costs upto a thousand Naira thereabout 
  • Make payment with the RRR for the Change of Name you’ve generated online or through any commercial bank
  • Scan your duly signed application letter for the change of name or addition of name as the case maybe, Remita Payment receipt, Newspaper Publication, Sworn Affidavit or marriage certificate and mail them to

It is as easy as that but if you still need assistance, don’t fail to contact us.


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