What Prince Elochukwu Adibo has in store for GMLD and MLS at Large



The newly elected National President of the Guild of Medical Laboratory Directors, Prince Elochukwu Adibo, a Biomedical Scientist and the Laboratory Director/CEO of El-lab Medical Diagnostics & Research Center, FESTAC Lagos ( ISO 15189:2012 Accredited Medical Laboratory) is a great man who believes in service to humanity, take responsibility and seek wisdom in every aspect of life.

He is a team player who respects the views of others a lot as well as a System thinker who pursues lifes challenges, expectations and dreams passionately and relentlessly.

Prince Elochukwu Adibo has great plans for the Guild of Medical Laboratory Directors and the Medical Laboratory profession as well.
Presenting his manifesto, Prince Adibo said if voted to power and with the support of his team, he plans:
  1. To Provide a Functional and befitting administrative structure for GMLD: Effective functional structure to enhance administration and coordination.
  2. To Enhance GMLD National Identity: Build a stronger national identity and visibility. Harness potentials of   membership in retirees, private sector medical laboratory practitioners.
  3. To Ensure that there are Time lines for all projects and that they are followed: To be achievable and measurable.
  4. To Ensure International exposure, collaboration and opportunities for GMLD and GMLD members. Engagements with International bodies, ASLM, ASQ, safety organizations, and other accrediting agencies relevant to the practice of Laboratory medicine.
  5. To Build capacity in areas of Leadership and Management: Leadership and management exposure of GMLD members, Capacity building and training programmes to help function effectively and efficiently in the workplace, society and family.
  6. To Expand GMLD Funding platforms: Strongly Expand funding platforms to give financial strength and Independence to the association.
  7. To Drive mobilization of Partners for GMLD: IVD manufacturers, and stakeholders, Non governmental organisations, civil society organisations (essence: budget, scope and time).
  8. To Build a robust Data Library for GMLD: Data coordinating unit/ data generation. In different aspects of our daily job ( community- state – region – national). Quality data will help leverage partners efficiency in health policies and programmes.
  9. To Encourage and support attainment of Minimum standard of practice in private medical practice: To achieve and sustain standard and safe practice without tolerance for inter and intra professional quackery.  Encourage Standard, befitting and acceptable Private lab minimal outlook with reflection of QMS.
  10.  To Encourage and help Young MLS in practice:  Open up a horizon to enable, empower, capacitate young medical laboratory scientists in practice .
  11. To Create a Private sector Identity for young MLSs. To enable them to be  respectable ,more attractive and desirable and for honourable earnings.
  12. To Ensure GMLD closes rank with MLSCN and AMLSN and work with them in synergy.
  13. To Create environment for peace, reconciliation, unity and harmonious relationship among GMLD members across the country.
  14. To Set up a strategy that will help us address issues of involvement of Private medical laboratory in both state and national health insurance programs.
  15. To BUILD on collaboration and team work with other Healthcare providers and encourage our states to play prominent roles in activities of Healthcare Providers Association of Nigeria
It is our humble prayers that God gives him and his team the grace to succeed in implementing the items in his manifesto one by one to the letter.
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