Bills to establish Federal Schools of Medical Lab. Science Get Second Reading 


Bills for an act to establish 2 Federal Schools to train Medical Laboratory Science personnel were on the 9th of March 2022 read on the floor of the National Assembly for the second time.


The bills are as follows:


  1. A Bill for an Act to Establish Federal School of Medical Laboratory Technology, Gboko to Train Medical Laboratory Science Personnel in Providing Accurate Diagnosis and Monitoring Treatments to meet the present and future needs in Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Healthcare and Research Centers in Nigeria; and for Related Matters (HB.1680) (sponsored by Hon. John Dyegh). Click here to download the bill as presented


  1. A Bill for an Act to Provide Legal Framework to Establish Federal College of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Ngbor Okpala, Imo State; and for Related Matters (HB. 1583) (sponsored by Hon. Bede Uchenna Eke). Click here to download Bill as presented

 How laws are passed (Bills Process)

In Nigeria, Bills usually pass through six stages before they are made laws. The stages are First reading, Second reading, Committee stage, Third Reading and Passage, Harmonisation and Assent (President’s Signature)


According to  the second reading of a bill is the stage where the bill’s general merits and principles are debated. If the bill is read the second time, the House is deemed to have approved the bill in principle. 


On the other hand, if the bill is defeated on the floor of the House at the second reading, that will be the end of the bill.


Note that when the Bill is read a second time, it is referred to a Standing Committee unless a decision is made to commit it to the Committee of the Whole House for consideration.


What do you think about these Bills when we already have Universities and Colleges of Health Technology already churning out Medical Laboratory Scientists and Technicians out every year in droves? Air your thoughts in the comment session.

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