Medical Testing: AMLSN warns Chemists, Pharmacies & CHOs


In a decisive move, the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) has declared war against chemist shops, pharmacies, and Community Health Officers (CHOs) involved in unauthorized medical laboratory testing. The National President, Dr. Casmir Ifeanyi delivered this stern warning during a recent press conference following his inauguration as the 15th National President of the Association.


Dr. Ifeanyi emphasized the association’s commitment to eradicating the involvement of non-professionals in medical testing. He warned against the operation of laboratories by unqualified individuals and revealed plans to go after not only patent medicine shops and pharmacy establishments conducting tests but also community health officers and private hospitals hiring untrained personnel.


“We are coming against every patent medicine shop, we are coming after every pharmacy shop performing tests, community health officers performing tests, private hospitals that recruit charlatans to man the laboratory,” declared Dr. Ifeanyi.


Highlighting the association’s strategy, he outlined the “see a quack, report a quack, apprehend a quack, and prosecute a quack” template. The Association aims to empower the public to identify and report instances of unauthorised testing, with the ultimate goal of bringing offenders to justice.


Furthermore, Dr. Ifeanyi warned that the association would not spare hospitals found guilty of hiring unqualified individuals to oversee their laboratories.

AMLSN is poised to take legal action against such facilities, reinforcing their commitment to upholding standards within the medical laboratory profession.


This development signals a proactive stance by AMLSN in safeguarding the integrity of medical testing and ensuring the well-being of the Nigerian public.

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