FMC Gusau DMLS charges Interns on Laboratory best practices


FMC Gusau DMLS charges Interns on Laboratory best practices 


By: Ibraheem Olasunkanmi Qoseem


The Director, Medical Laboratory Services, Federal Medical Centre Gusau (FMC Gusau) Zamfara State, Alhaji Mustapha Marafa has charged Intern Medical Laboratory Scientists on Quality Laboratory practice.


He gave the charge when he was addressing the Interns during one of their mandatory seminar presentations.


He charged the young Medical Laboratory Scientists to re-change their orientation towards the Medical Laboratory Science profession, that they should be driven by the passion to save lives not be money induced.


“I wonder where the orientation is coming from. The truth of the matter is that the medical laboratory science profession is not fundamentally a money-making venture, the main goal is to be passionately helping the patients fight for survival through quality laboratory practice” he said.


He further recounted his experience with one of the Junior Staff he offered a lift in his ride when she inadvertently said that she wished she could afford this car- in her early career with no other means of generating income.


“Imagine a Junior Staff in her early career with no other means of income generation wishing for a ride, that a Director of Medical Laboratory Services who in his late career drives! you just can’t cheat nature: that is why people like her sought out every means to get what they can’t afford” he said.


“Everything in life is a stage, and nothing goes for nothing. If you choose to chase it wrongly, the consequences are there for you to nurse. The passion has to be there and commitment should not be compromised. There is always a reward for hardworking persons”. He advised.



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