How to relocate & work in Ireland as a Medical Lab. Scientist


A Nigerian trained Medical Laboratory Scientist working in the Republic of Ireland recently shared tips on how to relocate to Ireland Republic and work as a Medical Laboratory Scientist.


Read below tips JCOMLS Twitter handle @Jcomls shared.


To work in Ireland as a Medical laboratory scientist, you must be registered and licensed by a body called CORU which is equivalent to MLSCN (in Nigeria)


When is it okay for me to start applying to work in Ireland as a Medical laboratory scientist?

Once you graduate, get your degree certificate and some experience. Your NYSC and internship are part of your experience provided you worked in a Medical Laboratory within those periods.


Do you need to make 2:1 (Second Class Honors, Upper divisions) to apply?

No, you don’t need to.


How do I go about the process?

First, you need an international passport.

Second, you need to be in good standing with MLSCN (meaning you must be up to date financially).

Thirdly, you must have no criminal record against you in Nigeria.


OK, I have heard, JCO, how do I go about it?

OK, to be licensed in Ireland as a Medical Scientist, you will pass through two processes

Process one: Recognition

Process two: Registration.


What is Recognition all about?

It’s a process of accessing your academic qualifications and work experience to know if it matches the standard obtainable in Republic Ireland


How much does it take for Recognition?

410 Euros


What are the documents I need for Recognition?


They are:

  1. University degree Certificate (BMLS Certificate)
  2. Transcript from your university
  3. Recommendation letters from previous work places.
  4. CORU Recognition form (section 4)-downloaded from CORU website
  5. Evidence of Registration as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in Nigeria.
  6. CORU Recognition Payment receipt
  7. Practising Licence in Nigeria up to date
  8. Proof of English Proficiency
  9. International Passport
  10. CPD Certificates.
  11. Your University curriculum

Once you have these, you can go to and apply by uploading these documents.


What if I don’t know how to go about it on the website?

Ask for help from those who have applied


How long does the Recognition Process take?

It can take up to 8 weeks or more depending. If you provide everything required of you accurately, it will take less time.


After Recognition, what do I do?

You apply for Registration


What is Registration?

This is to officially put your name on the CORU register where any employer or anybody can check if you are up to date with CORU.


How much is CORU registration?

100 euros


What do I need to do to register?

These are the documents you need:

  1. Statutory declaration Form from CORU (downloaded online)
  2. CORU Recognition Letter
  3.  Bank Statement with your contact address.
  4. Criminal Clearance Certificate (Police clearance)
  5. eVetting Invitation Form(Downloaded online)
  6. Professional License.
  7. International Passport
  8. 2 passport photographs
  9. Proof of English Proficiency
  10. Proof of Professional employment (Employment letter)
  11. CORU Registration Cover page.
  12. Online Registration Form


What next if I have all these?

You proceed to and register by uploading these documents and paying 100 euros.

When CORU receives your documents and money, they will acknowledge it by email and you wait for CORU to register you.


How long does Registration take?

Up to 8 weeks

If your application is successful, you will be registered and registration number sent to you via email



So what?

You are now a Medical Scientist with the right (licence) to work in Ireland as so.

Okay, what am I going to do next?

You begin your job application ASAP.


Where do I look for a job?

Number one place to go is

If you enter the site, click on jobs. If you don’t have your MSc and some relevant experience, don’t apply for Senior and chief roles. You can apply for Basic Grade (Staff Grade) Medical Scientist vacancies.

Number two place to go to is to subscribe to

Number 3 place to go to is

Inside the site, type under the search button “Social and Healthcare professionals” , then click on the link to your searched item and you will find jobs.

4th place is to go to Google and search “List of hospitals in the Republic of Ireland”. Pick the hospitals one by one, go to their site, and click on their career page to see if there is a vacancy for a Medical Scientist. Looking for a job is a serious job!!


Nawao, so, what happens after my job application?

Keep an eye here, to be continued!!i




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