Health Benefits Of Restructuring Nigeria: The Greatest Gift Of 2018 (Healthy Sense with Chris Chukwu)


Restructuring Nigeria is the greatest gift any great leader can give Nigerians. 

Unfortunately, In the political history of Nigeria, the practice of restructuring the country had always been highly and negatively politicised which is detrimental to health.

To restructure Nigeria means that all the states or regions would properly become federating units. A federating unit is a part or section of the Federation that has willingly agreed to be part of a federation. It would generate its resources, contribute to the national coffers through taxes and develop at its own pace.

The different constituent parts would decide on how they want to fund their activities at all levels, the importance of religion, the importance of trade, and generate its own power.

The artificiality of a Federal Government which dictates to the States would be gone. Power would really be in the States or Regions.

The current practice of going to Abuja every month end to crudely share money would cease. It is an unhealthy practice; it destroys personal initiative and encourages official laziness. Under the restructuring, states and regions would concentrate on generating its resources in order to meet their dreams. States would be more vibrant. Governors would sit up. The people would have a better and greater say in local politics.

More so the Federal Government would have lesser financial commitments. It would concentrate on Defence, the national economy and foreign relations. In effect, the unhealthy struggle to become President of Nigeria would reduce considerably. The way the country is currently configured, whoever becomes President is extremely empowered to tilt things in favour of a region or a zone. In a real federation, regions could afford to ignore an inefficient or parochial or a permanently drunk or womanizing President.

In a restructured Nigeria, the States would have their own security forces. Crime prevention and control would be vested in the local authorities. The current situation where an IG sits in Abuja and pretends to control all the 36 Commands of the Nigeria Police would be a thing of the past. 

The Army will remain national in a restructured Nigeria. No ethnic group would be allowed to dominate or control the Armed Forces. Merit will be a strong factor in promotions. Also, the interest of the constituent parts of the Federation would also be crucial. This would not be in any negative sense. But in the sense of ensuring that anybody who qualifies to join the Army would be so admitted so long as there is vacancy.

Restructuring Nigeria will bred hard work and decrease dependence on one natural resource to the detriment of the immense potentials which God has given Nigeria.

Restructuring will give every Nigerian a sense of belonging and reduce death rate emanating from fighting and agitation of states and regions (Biafra, Arewa & Oduduwa) who feel marginalised. 

By restructuring Nigeria, we would be saying a final goodbye to military rule, its history and the deleterious effects of its decades of administrative misadventure in the political history of Nigeria.

Finally, I urge that President Mohammed Buhari should look into the issue of restructuring Nigeria which is already partly documented in the 2014 Abuja Confab and has been endorsed by the federal executive council under former President Jonathan.

My name is Sct. Chris Chukwu, I just want to make Healthy Sense.

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