Why You Should Attend AMLSN Bayelsa 2019 Biomedical Week


Below are few solid reasons why you should plan to attend this all important scientific conference organized by the AMLSN bayelsa branch billed for July this year with its theme: Medical Laboratory Science and Forensic science, the intercept.

  1. Among other things, the scientific conference will parade an avalanche of resource persons who have copious knowledge in what they’ll be doing justice to. Persons who have distinguished themselves in their different fields of endeavors. Notably of them are Prof. C.C. Onyeneke, Prof. Gloria Wokem, Prof. Etebo Ebibomowei, Pharm. (Dr.) Otakho Daniel Orumwense, Dr. B.C. Ephraim etc.
  2. If you haven’t being to bayelsa state before, then this is an ample opportunity for you to have a first hand experience of the rich tourism potentials and cultural heritage of the acclaimed glory of all lands or the ijaw people. Bayelsa is blessed with many tourist attractions.
  3. The scientific conference is centered on an aspect of the medical laboratory profession that much has not been heard about— forensic science. So this is an opportunity for you to open your eyes and get all the requisite knowledge on this seemingly neglected path of knowledge. 

The weeklong programme will feature topics like:

  1. Terrorism, kidnapping, cult killing and General Security in Nigeria; The Place of Forensic Science.
  2. The Role of Law Enforcement and Modern Criminal Justice System in Forensic Science and Medico-Legal Investigation.
  3. The Forensic Autopsy and Postmortem examination.
  4. The Place of Odontology in Forensic Science.
  5. Determination of Postmortem Interval: A Biochemical and Mortis perspectives.
  6. Vitreous Chemistry: A Clinical Chemistry Tool in Forensic Science. 
  7. Finger Printing: A tool for crime detection.
  8. Forensic Toxicology: Prospect of Hair Analysis.
  9. The application of Modem Cell Biology and Genetics in Crime Investigation.
  10.  DNA Database Development and Management in Forensics.
  11. Forensic Entomology in Modern Days Crime Investigatin and Mitigation.
  12. Methodology of Drug and Poison Analysis in Forensic Toxicology.
  13. Analysis of Body Fluids and Differentiation Templates.
  14. Parental Dispute Resolutions: A Scientific Approach.
  15. Forensic Aspect of Sexual Assault and Abuse.
  16. Crime Scene and Blood Patterns Analysis.
  17. Forensic Evidence Presentation in Court.

The 5 credit unit scientific conference comes up 22nd-28th July, 2019.


N10,000.00 (Now – 30th June)
N15,000.00 (After 30th June)


Account Number: AMLSN Bayelsa, State Branch
Sterling Bank: 0025937089

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