Letters from the Heart to my Micropipette by Nonso Nduka



Letters from the Heart (… to my Micropipette)

Dear Micropipette,

The first time I had a grasp of you, I felt related, like I was paddling through cellular cytoplasm on mRNA.

I imagined science revolving around me. How can I define precision and accuracy without you …. you’re truly on the road map to ‘precision medicine’.

I must have pipetted more than a million times… from serum to CSF specimens, genomic DNA, viral RNA, primer-mix, wash concentrates and tissue homogenates…

Some days, all I do is eat, sleep, pipette, sleep and pipette again.

How can I get bored of you?

Come and walk one more journey with me, accompany me through the tumor microenvironment let’s prep some power-mix….. There’s a redefinition ahead of us, stay with me!

Yours Piper,



Nonso Nduka is a poet and a Medical Laboratory Scientist with 54gene.

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