AMLSN Membership Dues and why it is justifiable to pay


I always laugh when modern-day leaders in the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) come to rant about dues payment and how the payment isn’t justified.

Over the years, it is very clear to me that proper remuneration and career fulfilment cannot be possible without AMLSN.

For AMLSN to fulfil its obligations, it must be properly funded primarily through membership dues. There is a direct relationship between the financial commitment of members and proper remuneration. Currently, Six thousand Naira (₦6,000) is the annual dues to AMLSN. That amounts to five hundred Naira (₦500) per month.

This is a meagre amount compared with what some Medical Laboratory Scientists spend at pepper soup joints daily, fashion, or eateries. It is this ₦500 per month some who call themselves Directors and Ph.D holders or whatever title want to bring down the roof of AMLSN for.

The true primary proof of your professionalism is your financial commitment to AMLSN.

Whatever the remuneration today is an outcome of past efforts of previous leaders. The current generation will have to do more financially to keep the pace of landmarks covered by forbearers so as to break more barriers and achieve greater professional financial prosperity.

Wilting down the financial capacity of AMLSN under any guise will not take us to the Canaan Land we seek.

I have observed over time that many local branches and units do not commit themselves to AMLSN financially on a long-term basis but start running helter, and skelter when the enemy strikes.

The current leadership of AMLSN is doing well without making noise. Let’s encour noage them to do more by fulfilling our financial obligations not forgetting that the first thing they did when they came on board was to reduce the accruable income to AMLSN through the suspension of the global N5,000 conference payment which was a robust income stream for the previous regime.

The future we seek will be determined by our financial muscle and might. Membership dues are the primary source of such finances.



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Finally to all and sundry, if you want more from AMLSN and the Profession, Just Pay Your Dues.

Written by Bernard Solomon

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